here is a Oldie-Magazin. It means, a Magazin for all people, who like the music from the fifties to the beginning of the eighties.

There are:
Tourdates (If it's possible with a Tickettelefon)
Reports on Concerts
Fanclubs / Fanpages / Artistpages
Birthdays with Best Hits (Every 1. in the month)

Classified advertisement:
Look for/Search/Offer
Fans look for Fans

In working:
This Homepage comes soon also in english
Report on Bands/Singer (with pictures, fact files, and as far as existing favourite eat / recipe)
New CDís
Maybe a riddle with a gain

Editing end is:
Thursday for Saturday/Sunday
3 days befor every first.

I'm glad when you send me a E-Mail what you think of this Magazin and if you have any ideas for me.